Google Product Rich Snippets for Multiple Products on a Page

It has been a strong principle of Google to show Rich Snippets for Products only if there is exactly one single product on the page. For quite a while, we have predicted that Rich Snippets will become a much more dynamic feature in Google, e.g. that it will be turned on an off depending on a particular query and depending on how it helps highlight important information in the SERPs. Now, for a few weeks, there has been a conflicting requirement for developers in the Google Developer documentation: At, Google says

Product markup should be used for a specific product, not a category of products or a list of products.

while at, they state that all products in a multi-product page are to be marked up (or none):

Each entity should be marked up using the relevant type, such as for product category pages. Marking up just one category entity from all listed on the page is against our guidelines.

It essentially meant that you could mark-up only deep detail pages that describe exactly one single product. Today, we found first evidence that Google is now properly summarizing multiple product descriptions to generate a summary. If you search for “New Volkswagen Golf Yorkville New York”, you might get the following search result:

Google Rich Snippet for multiple cars

If you look at the first result, you see a price range ($21,515.00 to $30,830.00):

Google Rich Snippet for multiple cars

Now, contrary to what one would expect, there is no in the markup, but simply seven entities. $21,515 is the lowest value of all price properties, and $30,830 the highest one.

While we have not yet seen it in the wild, we expect that Google will also try to create Rich Snippets for single products from multi-item pages depending on the user query. So instead of summarizing a multi-product page into one aggregate Rich Snippet, they might chose a single entity that they think fits your information needs best.

In short: We see that we can now safely mark-up multiple products in a page and expect Rich Snippets for price information. Google is able to summarize them. That is good news, in particular for automotive Web sites.

PS: If you are the person responsible for adding the markup to, I would first like to congratulate to the pretty advanced and effective use of Second, I would recommend that you add the new features for for standardized car features and to use for the other car features.. Need help? Contact us!

PPS: If you look deeper into the markup, you will see that the actual data structure is even a bit weird, because the main entity is a type, linked to the seven offers via This is wrong, because the offers property for a type is inherited from and links to offers of the creative work. But the site owner is likely not offering the search results page for $ 20,000 ;-).

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